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How to understand the size of the ring

How to determine ring size?

If you do not know its size, can use two methods listed below that will help you determine your ring size. Dimensions, we use the rings online stores are the first method-internal diameter.

First method (internal diameter of your ring wear)

1. Take the ring you wear on your finger, you want to order a new ring
2. Find a ruler marked in millimeters
3. Place the ring flat on the table and measure the internal diameter. When measurement does not include metal ring part. When measuring, make sure you have measured the ring at its widest part.
4. May also require the ring on the circumference of the screen to see which size corresponds.


Second method (finger circumference in mm.)

1. If you ring the size of the one you want to order, take a paper tape
2. Wrap the paper strip around your finger with a pencil and mark where the ends meet
3. Take a ruler marked in mm and measuring tape to mark places
4. It will bring you out the circumference of your finger
5. See table below for size What is a responsible tour or imposed on the scale bar with numbers.


WHAT IS UNIVERSAL RING SIZE? - This is a ring that is able to be adjusted by tightening or stretching and fits any size. Convenient and practical way we give you a ring whose size we do not know!


Size of the ring inside diameter in mm finger circumference in mm
#6 16.5 (50-50.5)
#7 17.3 (53-53.5)
#8 18.2 (56-56.5)
#9 18.9 (59-59.5)